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Sales is one of the few professions where there is a direct link between performance and income.

The Emotional Intelligence gurus will tell you that 80% of our behavior/performance is impacted by our emotions.

The Selling with PASSION workshop will help you:
1. Increase performance with joy!
2. Increase customer/client relations!
3. Increase sales and income!
4. Set you apart from the competition!
5. Reduce the stress that comes from your work!
6. Fire yourself as a sales person and re-hire yourself as a trusted business partner!

This is an opportunity to invest in your personal growth and development; to stop and sharpen your axe.

Date:  Thursday, April 15, 11:30 pm EST to 1:30 pm EST. Register by Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Here are some feedback from sales people who have done this course:

1. “I loved Lincoln’s positive attitude, personality and his eagerness to share this with others. I am now able to reduce my stress level and prioritize my work in a much more manageable way.”
2. “This program leads, guides and directs the steps to be self- motivated, for vision of success.”
3. “I really gathered much about retaining passion throughout my daily activities; not only in the workplace but throughout everything in my life.”
4. ‘I liked the informal feel of the presentation. It was fun and interesting; it held my attention the entire time. It showed me how to be passionate about what I do and the effects on other people around me.”
5. ‘I like my job but this will help me to love it.”

Registration investment of $49.00 includes a complimentary digital copy of my book: ‘with PASSION!’

Contact Lincoln S. Kokaram at if you would like to have a free 1 on 1 consultation.

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