Testimony from  Pastor Scott Brown 

Pastor Scott provides his feedback about with PASSION

Testimony from Dave M.

Dave provides his feedback about with PASSION

Thank you for a great job on the listening workshop with my leadership team. I really liked the way you started the day out with the questions on Ron’s story. I believe that added impact to the day and made an impression on my team about really listening, being engaged and the why behind it.
—Wendy G., Regional Sales Director 

Testimony from Jennifer E.

Testimony from Richard

Video Testimony from Richard on Jan. 11, 2020 at National Speakers Association GA Speakers show.

Testimony from John H.

Feedback comments from John Hanger about with PASSION.

It was truly a pleasure having you in Utah this week.  You inspired PASSION in the dealers for sure – AND you also inspired Team Utah to do more and be more.   Thank you for showing us what it possible and setting an impressive example of connecting with our customers.
— Matt T., DSM
I want to thank you.  The Lou Fusz Group absolutely LOVED “the Passion Workshop!”  The one word that Phil Fusz, VP of Variable Operations, used was, “AWESOME!”  He said that everyone got a lot out of it and that they want to ask you to come to St. Louis at some point in the future to do this for their entire management team and staff.
I expected no less than these rave reviews but what you don’t know is that this group has been wavering in their “belief” during the first half of this year.  Thank you for helping to make them a “RAVING FAN”….again and to ignite their “PASSION!”
—Kevin A., Major Account Consultant 
Excellent job today at Esther’s Town Hall!  Your written summary was valuable, the discussion was fruitful, and your comments were insightful and inspiring. Thanks for your dedication to making us all better!
— Don A., Director
Thanks again for leading such a valuable workshop. I am sure it will help my own growth and development, just as it will assist me with the growth of my ACs.
I am already beginning to apply some of what we learned; mainly by slowing down and taking a breath (“diagnosing”) before jumping into the middle of something. That’s a GOOD thing.
 Steve A., Product Specialist 
Thank you so much for an OUTSTANDING workshop. My entire region is EXTREMELY pumped up. You did a great job, as always, and I really appreciate you bending over backwards to help me out. I know how valuable your time is, and cannot tell you how much of a partner I feel you are to me.
— Katrina S.,Regional Sales Director
You did an outstanding job bringing this training topic to life.  I have heard only great feedback and appreciation from the DM’s and RSM’s.  Thank you for opening our minds to different ways of developing and managing people.  Well done!
— Dave C.,  Regional Sales Director
All thanks should go to you. This class was something special for me and made me richer for having met you.
— Andreas L.,Regional Sales Manager
While I’m certain you don’t hear it enough, let me indulge you this one moment…
You are exquisite.
I know Larry will return full of hope, purpose,  and excitement because of you.
— Cynthia F., RSD
Attached is the presentation you asked for, it was my pleasure.
Now to your presentation.  WOW is what comes to mind.  Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious and exactly what our team needed.  Everyone raved about you as they normally do but beyond that I feel you really made an impact on many personally and professionally including myself.
Thank you for coming up and delivering such a powerful message, you have made a difference for our team. 
— Jenifer E., Regional Sales Director 
Attached is my quiz. I wanted to let you know that I’m making an effort to know my team. During my 1 on 1’s I usually ask about their weekend and find out some interesting things. For example, I found out the one of my reps is a certified mechanic and just rebuilt the engine in his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Another loves community service and she collects clothes from friends and donates them each week! Thank you again for a wonderful impacting class. I look forward to your teachings in the future!
—Amy B.,  Regional Creative Coordinators 
This training was one of the best classes that I have ever been to. We work for a company that is always changing, every manager should take this class. Keep using real life case studies in your training it allows us to implement the strategies that we have learned.
— Joe B., DSM