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Healthy Workplaces are more productive and more profitable!
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Road signs tell us when to slow down; when to be cautious; when to look out; the speed limit etc. Similarly a knowledge of your Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile,(SEIP) is like road signs for life. People who are aware of their SEIP are better equipped to manage their emotions and have more peace; better long term relationships; less stress and get more done.

This program is endorsed and approved by the International Coaching Federation. It is also validated by Nelson Consulting, LLC. I was certified to coach the SEIP in 2013 and have helped several clients to manage their emotions more effectively.

IQ – EQ = Average performance; low morale; individualistic culture and even hatred.

EQ – IQ = Low performance; mistakes; chaos; rioting; looting and confusion

EQ + IQ = Superior performance; peace, less stress, more meaningful relationships and increased profits.

People who are aware of their EQ; their triggers – what makes them happy; what makes them angry; what cause anxiety etc. are better equipped to manage their behavior.

Unfortunately we tend to focus more on our IQ development than our EQ.
When we combine our EQ with our IQ we react less and choose the best response in most situations. We have more peace; less stress and produce more.

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Social + Emotional Intelligence

It’s What Makes the Difference:

Studies show that Social + Emotional Intelligence is scientifically proven to:
  • Boost Sales (American Express, L’Oreal)
  • Increase profits (McDonnell Douglas, Ciba)
  • Reduce turnover (U.S. Air Force, Symantec)
  • Transform your organization’s culture to one of lively creativity and collaboration

American Express introduces S+EI training to select groups. Those individuals who received the S+EI training boosted their sales almost 20% over control groups who received no S+EI training.
We offer half-day, full-day and two-day training, plus monthly 60 minute training modules on various S+EI competencies over breakfast or lunch.

Fast, fun, interactive and tremendously effective!

Social + Emotional Intelligence - Coaching

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You get the most from your training dollar if you support the new learning with coaching. According to recent studies, coaching plus training boosted the ROI on the training investment four-fold over training alone. Be sure to get the benefit of both!
You have probably heard of “social + emotional intelligence” – and some researchers believe that our success in work and life is driven far more by our emotional intelligence (EQ) than by our cognitive intelligence (IQ).
And the beautiful thing?
While IQ remains pretty much fixed from birth, EQ CAN BE LEARNED.